Who We Are


We are a team of diverse members from different backgrounds. We help bring our individuality into ASMEYork with each and every one of our events.

Social Marketing

Our Social Media team strives to increase awareness of Mechanical Engineering within our campus and the public. By re-sharing relevant information, the team promotes and advocates advances in Tech and Art.

Innovative Design

The ASMEYork team strives to excel in design and are competitive. We care to support and advance the Mechanical Engineering Faculty at the Lassonde School of Engineering.

Executives 2017/18

Sarah Kassim


Shayan Monabbati


Dalia Al-Karagholi


Hasaan Ahmad


Mohammad Afaneh

Public Relations Director

Sa'ad Siddique

Graduate Liaison Director

Karin Ghosh

Digital Media Director

Umaima Siddique

Social Media Director

Leung, Siu Ning (Sunny)

Leung, Siu Ning (Sunny)

ASME Faculty Advisor, Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Program Director

Rezai, Pouya

Rezai, Pouya

ASME Faculty Advisor, Assistant Professor & Graduate Program

Let’s take the next step and work together